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Highlander Inn 2006 Single Cask Bottlings ~ Glenlivet & Bowmore

!! SOLD OUT !!

In June 2006 we were approached by our friends at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan, to produce 2 exclusive single cask bottlings.

One was to be a very limited edition "5th Anniversary" malt to mark Duncan Elphick's 5th annual visit to Hankyu's British Fair in October 2006.

The second was to be a "super elite" limited edition for their V.I.P. customers.

We discussed what we should produce and decided to speak to Euan Shand and Mark Watt at Duncan Taylor & Company to see if they had any suitable casks for this very prestigious project.

1966 Bowmore presentation boxFor the "5th Anniversary" malt we chose a Glenlivet, distilled on 11th August 1970, bottled on 17th August 2006, at it's natural cask strength of 50.1% abv, and limited to only 84 bottles, a true limited edition.

Why Glenlivet? Simply because it's one of the world's most famous malt whiskies.

Why 1970? It was distilled in the same year as Hankyu's very first " British Fair" ~ a 36 year old malt whisky to accompany a 36 year old fair.

All the bottles were exported to Japan with a handful remaining at the Highlander Inn where it can be tasted in the bar at £9.50 per nip (25ml).

If you are lucky enough to come across a bottle for sale now, expect to pay around £200.00.

For the "super elite" limited edition bottling we eventually chose a 1966 Bowmore. This is a 40 year old malt whisky at it's natural cask strength of 43.5% abv.

Only 14 bottles were produced, 12 were exported to Japan where they were immediately snapped up ~ at over £600.00 each!

One went to a good friend of the Highlander Inn living in Germany.

The last one remains at the Highlander Inn, and is not for sale ~ at any price ~ although we were recently offered over £1,500.00 for it!

All 14 bottles of the 1966 Bowmore IN THE WORLD after being hand labeled
All 14 bottles IN THE WORLD of our 1966 Bowmore just after being hand labeled.