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Some notable additions to our whisky selection:-

May 2015

Recent Additions for March 2016!

Here we have our two new notable additions to our whisky collection. Since our last update we have seen many whiskies come and go, however haven't been able to update the website, however we now hope to be able to keep adding our new whiskies as we go along.

December 2013

The "Easter Elchies Cask Selection"for 2013.

Having missed out when (supposedly) half the bottles were sold at Easter Elchies in mid November, I was damn sure I wasn't going to miss out when the remaining bottles were released on 9th December 2013!

Although the Macallan Visitor Centre doesn't open until 10:00, when we arrived at 04:20 in the morning to make sure we got a bottle, there were already around 50 people in front of us! At 09:30 when tickets were issued, it transpired there were only about 70 bottles still available. If we'd arrived after 05:00 we'd have stood in a queue (outside, in mid winter) for almost 5 hours for nothing!(like about 150 unlucky people who did arrive after 5am and were quite understandably rather upset!)

I wonder where else in the world you can buy a dram of it? I'd have a small waver that there are less than 3 bars in the wporld (and probably less than 2!) that have opened the bottle to sell by the nip.

A few minor details:- 17 years old; 55.3% abv; approximately 390 bottles; single sherry butt; £20 per nip (25ml).

November 2013 (part II)

A visit to GlenDronach was deemed necessary again in late November, this time to get the new hand fill single cask - seen here.

November 2013

Some more "small batch" bottlings chosen by Mark Watt at Cadenheads.

When they were first released they disappeared very quickly and so we're very lucky to have been able to get a few more!

Cragganmore 24yo, Longmorn 26yo, Craigellachie 18yo Glenallachie 20yo and Aberlour 23yo.

Come into The Highlander soon and enjoy them, I'm sure they won't last very long!

October 2013 (part II)

Here are two very interesting and unusual Scotch Single Malts, bottled especially for Japan; both single cask bottlings which we also brought back from our most recent visit to Japan.

An 11 year old Port Charlotte bottled in 2013, at it's natural strength of 65.7%!

Seishi Tsuta, the owner of Acorn Ltd in Sakado bottled this in his poular "Acorn's Natural Malt Selection" range. more are on the way (hopefully) from him in the next couple of months.

On the right is an Old Malt Cask Bowmore 10 years old bottled by Douglas Laing for Bar Brora in Sapporo Hokkaido to celebrate the bar's 10th Anniversary in 2011. We also visited the bar in 2011 and tasted it there, but it took us a further 2 years to find another bottle to bring back to Scotland!!

This is bottled at 50% - Douglas Laing's standard bottling strength for their Old Malt Cask range.

October 2013

4 great Japanese Whiskies, all Official Bottlings; 2 Single Malts and 2 "Pure Malts".

On the left, a single cask Hakushu by Suntory, only available in Suntory's special retail shop in Osaka.

The middle 2 are bottles of Taketsuru Pure Malt by Nikka (Yoichi & Miyagakyo distilleries). The one on the left is a Sherry wood finish and the right one a bourbon wood finish. Both were highly sought after in Japan and quickly sold out (only released in October 2013).

At the right is a single cask bottling of Chichibu, bottled by Ichiro Akuto especially for Acorn Ltd. It's a young (only 3 years old) beast of a whisky at it's natural cask strength of 62.2%, distilled in 2009 and bottled in April 2013!

I don't know what happened between November 2011 and October 2013! Where did the time go to? Obviously lots and lots purchased, but unfortunately not put onto the website - oops!

November 2011

Dailuaine 38yo Single Cask.

This Single Cask bottling was produced as a charity bottling to help in a small but practical way, the victims of Japan's terrible 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami on 11th March 2011 and the ensuing nuclear crisis.

This cask was specially selected by some of Japan's foremost whisky aficionados, including a good friend of the Highlander Inn, Tatsuya Kobayashi from Osaka and Takemoto-san from Fukushima and produced for the Japanese "Super Premium Connoisseur".

Having been selected, the cask was bottled in Scotland by BBR (Berry Bros & Rudd) before being shipped to Japan.

The cask yielded only 190 bottles and we are privileged to have one!

We're certainly the only bar / restaurant in Europe (and almost certainly the only bar outside Japan) offering it for sale by the nip!

Yes, it is expensive, (£25.00 per 25ml) but it's truly unique and with only 28 tots in the bottle, only a VERY few people in Europe will ever have the opportunity to drink it.

October 2011.

A few more bottlings by our good friend, Seishi Tsuta of Acorn

Acorn’s Natural Selection Port Charlotte 8yo Single Cask at 65.9%

Friends of Oak Lochside 30yo Single cask at 46.0%

Friends of Oak Glenfarclas 31yo Single Cask at 46.0&

Acorn’s Natural Selection 19yo Rosebank 19yo Single Cask at 52.9%

Acorn’s Natural Selection 15yo Glen Keith 15yo Single cask at 56.2%

June 2011

Yamazaki 1984 Single Malt Whisky.

Gold Medal Winner and "Supreme Champion Spirit" at the International Spirits Challenge 2010
and the
"Best Single Malt Whisky in the World" at the 2011 World Whisky Awards.

After being announced as the Gold Medal Winner within the "Whiskies" category, this extraordinary single malt went on to become the Supreme Champion Spirit, an accolade given to one single product among all Gold Medal Winners of every category. As the finest of some 1,000 brands entered into the ISC this year, the Yamazaki 1984 was cited for its "depth of flavour and maturation, together with the remarkable syrupiness of its texture. It is absolutely outstanding in every respect."

Yamazaki is the most-popular single malt whisky in Japan and is enjoyed by whisky connoisseurs the world over. Yamazaki was ranked the world's eighth bestselling single malt whisky in terms of cases sold in 2009 and is currently exported to around 25 countries, including the United States.

Only 200 bottles were released in Europe and only 300 released in the USA, so very rare indeed! Expensive.....? Very! Worth it.....? Absolutely Yes!

April 2011.

The Macallan Royal Marriage bottling by Macallan.

A very limited release of just 1000 bottles at 46.8% abv. From just 2 casks, one filled on 29th April 1996 and the other filled on 29th April 1999, married together for some months, in order to create this bottling, to celebrate the Marriage of HRH Prince William to Catherine Middleton, on Friday 29th April 2011.

500 bottles were released for sale on the Macallan website, which sold out within 18 hours!

The remaining 500 bottles were available to buy at the Macallan Distillery itself. These lasted a little longer, in fact as long as 2½ days, the majority being snapped up by collectors as well as those wanting to resell and make a fast buck!

However, here at the Highlander Inn we believe single malt whisky is made to drink, and so this bottling is available to purchase by the nip (25ml) in our whisky bar ~ I bet there won't be many bars in the world will do this and I'm certain we are the 1st bar in the world to let our customers taste it!

A new limited edition bottling from Glenfiddich Distillery - the "Age of Discovery".

Bottled at a minimum 19 years old at 40.0%, having matured in Madeira casks, it is only available from the Distillery itself and some Duty Free airport shops.

Aromas of ripe figs, caramelised fruit & spicy notes of cinnamon and black pepper.

The islands of Porto Santo and Madeira were discovered in 1419 by Portuguese explorers sailing down the uncharted west coast of Africa searching for the new passage to India. These islands, together with the Azores became vital ports for their pioneering sea voyages, launching "the age of discovery".

Having sold out of all our last selection of Wemyss Single Cask bottlings, we've just added another 6, all bottled at 46% in 2011. "The Honey Pot" - Glen Moray: "Mocha Spice" - Dalmore; "Smoke Stack"- Caol Ila; "Ginger Compote" - Benrinnes; "The Orange Tree" - Glen Garioch and "Vanilla Oak" - Mortlach.

March 2011.

A very exclusive Balvenie, one of only 336 bottles and available only from the Balvenie Distillery itself. This is "Tun 1401", a vatting of 5 casks, specifically chosed by David Stewart, Balvenie's Malt Master. The casks range in distillation dates between 1966 and 1988, and were married in Tun 1401 inside Warehouse No 24 before being hand bottled at the distillery in late 2010.

December 2010.

The annual "Easter Elchies" Single Cask release from Macallan from a sherry butt at the natural cask strength of 52.3% abv. and the Glenfiddich "Snow Phoenix", a vatting of casks from the snow damaged warehouses resulting from the heavy snow of January 2010.

November 2010.

Our selection of Compass Box Whiskies grew even further. You'll see we've got both editions of "Double Single"; the original, specifically created by John Glaser for us, released in July 2003 and the 10th Anniversary edition, released in October 2010. Also shown are the 1st Editions of Hedonism and Eleuthera from the very early days of Compass Box. On the far left, is the Compass Box "Breakfast Whisky" created by John specifically for Maltstock 2010. Only 41 bottles were ever made, most of which were consumed during the Maltstock weekend! This is the malt we use for our
"Unique Whisky Breakfasts".

our Compass Box Whiskies selection

July 2010.

The whiskies below were brought back from a weekend trip to the Netherlands
~ all really interesting single cask bottlings from independent bottlers.

June 2010.

Here are some of our range of Wemyss Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whiskies we added
in June 2010 ~ all single cask bottlings. Some are bottled at cask strength, while others have
been reduced to 46% abv.